Travel Safety Top Concern for Victoria Day Weekend

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on May 17th, 2017

This upcoming weekend is the Victoria Day weekend, which means two things to most Canadians: a day off school/work, and the first opportunity to get outside for an extended period. Traditionally, the May 2-4 weekend has marked the unofficial inauguration of spring, with families heading out for cottages, campsites and road trips.


In the midst of all the excitement and enthusiasm, CAA South Central Ontario (SCO) has issued a reminder for drivers to keep safety in mind. SCO has announced that, “Almost 3500 members have ordered TripTik route planners to help plan road trips this weekend,” with most staying inside Ontario, but some heading to neighbouring destinations in Quebec, Manitoba or the U.S.


A large number of non-CAA drivers will add to the congestion, of course, though quantifying those who have charted a course with Google Maps – or those who are just going to wing it – is difficult.


With so many drivers on the road, and so many of them eager to get their weekend started, Kaitlynn Furse, the SCO public relations manager, encourages everyone to take precautions, “Even when travelling shorter distances to local destinations.”


SCO advises drivers to ensure the status of their vehicle is adequate for a road trip. Precautions include checking headlights and brake lights, topping up fluids, checking tire pressure and testing the battery.


Those travelling far distances or with baggage are reminded to ensure all windows are visible, especially the rear window, and to take breaks or rotate drivers when possible.


Should the unfortunate happen, and your party is stranded or involved in a collision, SCO reminds you to stay calm, dial 911 if anyone is injured and to report any damage over $2,000 to the police. 


Another piece of advice worthy of the list is to make sure you’re fully insured before hitting the road. If you need to get coverage, now is the time.







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