Liberals not expected to restore door-to-door service despite vague campaign promise

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on January 24th, 2018

Later this morning, the federal Liberals will explain their long-term plan concerning Canada Post. It’s expected they will finalize their plans to transfer formerly hand-delivered mail services to community mailboxes.

Postal workers have been demanding the post office reverse the mailbox conversions. There are already some 800,000 households that have to get their mail at a mailbox on the corner, or down the street. They will not have their home delivery restored.

At least they have some plans for those with mobility and accessibility needs:

“Federal officials tell The Canadian Press that the government will be setting up a task force to confront any accessibility concerns those 800,000 households and anyone else may be facing, with an emphasis on better serving seniors and people with mobility issues.”

If you can recall back to the 2015 federal elections, the Liberals promised to “save home delivery” in some sense, in response to the previous Conservatives’ program to cut costs in the postal sector.

The plan will be discussed at a Mississauga Canada Post plant this morning by Carla Qualtrough, Public Services Minister. Officials say she will also be announcing changes to Canada Post’s budget: “emphasizing the need to make a profit and then re-invest the extra money back into the Crown agency to improve services and become self-sustaining over the long run.”

Canada Post is also in the midst of searching for a new CEO while attempting the revamp their business plan which will include encouraging Canadians to use Canada Post to send things abroad, rather than their competitors in the sector.

What’s interesting, is that with the rise of e-commerce and online shopping there is growth that goes against their cutbacks: “Canada post has seen parcel volumes soar, up by almost 39 per cent in the third quarter of 2017 alone.”

Canada Post will be looking at other countries that have implemented things like weekend service “or parcel lockers to bolster their postal service revenues.

The government will also be looking at ways to leverage the fact that Canada Post has a presence in even the smallest of Canadian communities, and could be used to deliver other government services.”

Canada Post is a state-owned Crown corporation akin to Via Rail and the Bank of Canada.

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