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Perth Insurance Company


About Perth Insurance Company

Perth Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Economical Insurance. It specializes in offering competitively priced home and auto coverage for clients classified as high-risk.

Like Economical Insurance, Perth Insurance Company is Canadian owned and operated. Perth offers its services to the majority of the country, including those residing in: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and the Yukon.

Perth Insurance Company handles policies for those who pose a higher risk of making a claim. This is the case for both auto and home insurance. Usually, policies for high-risk drivers and homeowners are difficult to come by, and can be prohibitively expensive when they can be acquired. Perth strives to provide adequate coverage for a manageable price, even to those with chequered claims histories.

All claims made under Perth Insurance Company policies are handled by Economical Insurance.

What does Perth Insurance Company cover?

Because Perth is specialized in its offerings, it sticks to the basic types of coverage policies. Economical provides clients with a larger array of options, while Perth focuses on basic auto and property insurance policies.

  • Home insurance:  Perth provides coverage for various types of dwellings, including detached homes, condos, seasonal properties and rented homes, like apartments.
  • Auto insurance:  Drivers with multiple infractions or a history of frequent claims are able to obtain reliable auto insurance coverage with Perth. Coverage and policy prices are determined through a risk point system.

Ways to save with Perth Insurance Company

Perth is less about offering discounts and more about offering competitive insurance rates to high-risk clients. The parent company, Economical, is more liberal with its incentives; Perth simply looks to offer fair rates to individuals who may not find them elsewhere.