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Scottish & York


About Scottish & York

Scottish & York served as an independent Canadian insurer for many years before being acquired by Aviva Canada in 2008. At that time, along with Ontario-focused Pilot Insurance, Scottish & York became a major subsidiary of the more prominent Aviva Canada, which itself is an international division of the UK-based global titan Aviva plc. The 2008 acquisition also resulted in the company’s official name changing from Scottish & York Insurance Company to Aviva Scottish & York.

Operating across Canada, Scottish & York boasts approximately 3,000 domestic employees and independent brokers. Its Newfoundland and Labrador branches, however, use a slight variation of the Scottish & York name, going by S&Y Insurance.

Because it is a subsidiary of Aviva, clients who are serviced by the Scottish & York brand have their relationship facilitated through the parent company. Scottish & York no longer has an official website or any publicly available method of making direct contact with its specific representatives.

What does Scottish & York cover?

From an offerings standpoint, Scottish & York is equipped to issue policies and provide responsive claims and customer services. It also specializes in underwriting and reinsurance, with one of its prominent clients being President's Choice Financial.

The Scottish & York brand focuses on offering competitive rates for basic types of insurance policies. More complex types of coverage can be obtained from Aviva Canada or one of their other subsidiaries.

The areas of coverage offered by Scottish & York include:

  • Home insurance:  Traditional home insurance can be purchased through Scottish & York. The only exception is in Newfoundland and Labrador, where home insurance is not available.
  • Auto insurance:  On top of basic mandatory car insurance, Scottish & York offers a handful of optional coverages. These include collision and comprehensive damages, temporary vehicle replacement, new car guarantee, a conviction protector and accident forgiveness.

Ways to save with Scottish & York

Scottish & York offer numerous discounts, including a bundling option that typically saves 15 percent for combining home and auto coverages.

There are several ways good drivers can earn additional discounts on auto insurance. As policyholders add more years to their customer history with Scottish & York (or Aviva in general) and don't make any claims, they will begin to receive discounts and/or see their deductibles decrease significantly.

The company rewards homeowners as well. Any home insurance policyholders who have monitored fire/burglar alarms, no mortgage, a new home, are mature citizens or are claims-free, may qualify for discounts.

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