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Home and auto insurance specialists

The specialists at HUB SmartCoverage have been providing home and auto insurance quotes since 2001. After nearly two decades of establishing partnerships with many of the most trusted insurance providers in Canada, we continue to serve our clients by helping protect their most valuable possessions at the lowest possible price.

We are committed to guiding you through every important decision related to home and auto insurance. From finding the lowest premium, to choosing a policy that’s right for you, to walking you through the claims process, the HUB SmartCoverage team will help take the pain, confusion – and much of the expense – out of the process. We’ve assisted countless Canadians in Ontario and Alberta, and are ready to help you save on your next insurance policy.

Our goal is to find you the best insurance policy

The HUB SmartCoverage quote tool grants you access to insurance quotes from leading insurance companies in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. Our home and auto insurance comparison service is free and fast, and it will save you money. It takes less than five minutes to receive the best offer from a reputable insurance company. There is no commitment necessary; just take a look and see how much you can save by switching to a HUB SmartCoverage partner.

When you sign up for insurance coverage with HUB SmartCoverage, we’ll work with you to ensure that you have the right coverage at the right price. Whether you are deciding to file a claim, looking to save by bundling multiple policies or require clarification regarding your coverage, our experts are ready to guide you through all matters insurance so that you always make an informed decision about the protection of your most valued assets.

Use HUB SmartCoverage’s quote finder to discover the lowest offers from many of Canada’s most trusted insurance providers. Whether you’re looking to protect your new vehicle or find a better rate for your home insurance, use our finder to see what’s available.