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Your Auto Insurance

Rely on HUB SmartCoverage to protect your vehicle

Your car is like a close friend – treat it that way with the best auto insurance at the best price. Get a quote and start saving.

We compare rates from several of the top insurance providers in your province, and return to you with the best offer. The process is quick (it won’t take more than five minutes), easy (just provide us with the information that affects your premiums) and allows you to save big on auto coverage.

How do you know that the quote we give you is actually the best quote available? When you obtain your quote you’ll be given the option to compare it against quotes from other top insurance companies. This way you have all the information you need to make the right selection.

When you select “Get a Quote,” you will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself and your vehicle. The process is quick and easy, and only includes questions directly relevant to determining the price of your auto insurance premiums. Once you’ve provided details about your location, vehicle, driving history and discount eligibility, you’ll be shown offers from top auto insurance providers operating in your province.

The quote we return to you is determined by the information you provide. If the information you provide is accurate, the quote will be too. If you forget about a ticket you received last year or entered your old postal code out of habit, some adjustment to the rate may be required.

Got your quote but aren’t sure how to proceed? Need some help understanding your options? Want to better comprehend the terms and conditions of the policy offered to you? If you get a quote from HUB SmartCoverage, we’ll continue to work with you, answering your questions and providing advice upon request. Just send us an email or give us a call. We’re happy to help.

HUB SmartCoverage uses accident waivers offered by our partners to ensure your rates aren’t hiked after your first at-fault accident. Because even good drivers can be involved in a collision, one incident should not define what you pay for auto insurance for the next decade.

A ticket for a driving infraction can affect your auto insurance premiums for up to three years. When you purchase your insurance policy through HUB SmartCoverage, you may be eligible for minor ticket protection, which means your rates won't increase after your first infraction.

Good driving should be rewarded. That’s why we’ll see if you’re qualified to have your deductible reduced (without your premium increasing) every time you go a year without making a claim.

How do you save even more after you’ve found the lowest quote? By bundling your auto and property insurance policies with the same insurance provider. Before committing to bundling, we’ll show you how much you can save by covering your two most valued assets under the same umbrella.

When you decide to get a quote from HUB SmartCoverage, you’ll do so knowing that you are under no obligation to make a purchase. We simply show you the best offer available, then follow up with you via text or email. You decide whether or not you’d like to proceed.