Alberta destinations worth the drive this fall

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on September 19th, 2017

Alberta is a beautiful province with a wide variety of different geographical features. From the Canadian Rockies in the west, to the Canadian Badlands in the east, a cross-province road trip is a great way to get out while still sticking close to home. Here are the top five Alberta destinations worth the drive this fall.


Easily the most popular and well-known Alberta travel destination, Banff is only a couple of hours drive from Calgary. Being so close to an airport makes the resort town and surrounding areas a busy travel destination for international visitors looking to go hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter. However, by traveling in the fall, you’ll get to experience all the natural beauty of Banff and eat at all the fantastic restaurants, without the hordes of people. What’s more, hotels usually lower their prices in the fall, making it quite the frugal road trip destination.


Another must-see Alberta destination that’s best visited in the shoulder season is Jasper. Jasper is further north than Banff, but still nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Once you drive the four hours from Edmonton, you can take a tour of the icefields or visit the hot springs. People who love the outdoors can also park their car and hike up one of the many hiking trails leading out of town, weather permitting, of course.


More than just a famous mall, Edmonton has lots of cultural activities to do this fall. The provincial legislature is located in Edmonton, as are many of Albert’s art and history museums. Edmontonians usually like to spend the summer outdoors before returning back inside in September, making this city a great destination worth the drive this fall.


Two hours east of Calgary, Drumheller is in the heart of the Canadian Badlands. From the hoodoo formations, to the deep, steep canyons walls, to the world’s largest dinosaur, Drumheller has activities and attractions for the entire family. Summer is extremely busy in the small town, so hold off and travel during the shoulder season to make sure you don’t have to wait anywhere for that perfect picture.

Crowsnest Pass

Crowsnest Pass is a group of small communities and large mountains in southwestern Alberta. Most easily accessible by Calgary, the area is seeped with mining history and incredible beauty. Although the towns don’t offer the same amenities that are found in the larger tourist towns of Banff or Jasper, the drive from Calgary to Crowsnest Pass is worth it. Once in the area, you can hike or climb dozens of mountains in the summer.


Whether you’ve always wanted to get out an explore Alberta, or are trying to have a budget vacation this year, taking a road trip across one of Canada’s most geographically diverse provinces is best done in the fall. Alberta has many tourist destinations and receives millions of visitors each summer and winter. By traveling to these Alberta destinations worth the drive this fall, you’ll save money and avoid the crowds, all while having a great time.

And if you have the time to make it over to Ontario as well, check out the top destinations in that province worth driving to this fall!

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