Can I bundle travel insurance with other coverage policies?

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on May 29th, 2018

Travel insurance is an important part of any vacation, whether you are taking a quick trip outside of your province, or are off to explore a different country halfway across the world.

If you plan on getting your travel insurance through your existing insurance provider, are you able to bundle it with your other services?

What is bundling?

Before we get into the main question, let’s take a look at what bundling really is. Bundling is a service that insurance providers offer, where they reward customers for insuring multiple policies with them. If you need both home and auto insurance your provider will often offer you a deal to do both with them. The benefits typically work for both parties, they get more of your business, and you get the convenience of having all your policies under one metaphorical roof and some savings.

Does it save you money?

Depending on the deal your insurer is providing you, yes, bundling your policies can save you money. Your insurer wants the most amount of business possible, and rewards those that put all their insurance needs in one basket. Often, the more you bundle, the more you save.

Can you bundle your home and or auto with your travel?

Unfortunately, while you can bundle your home and auto insurance together, you are not able to add your travel insurance into the mix. Travel insurance works on a different time frame than other insurance policies, and is paid upfront in full. Also, not all providers offer travel insurance, so you may find yourself getting coverage from a different company all together. So, due to the unique nature of travel insurance, it is not possible to put it under the same umbrella as your home and auto.

Other ways to save on travel insurance

While you cannot bundle your travel insurance, there are some other ways to save.

Shop around –Shopping around online for travel insurance is one of the best ways to save money. You are able to compare prices with a few clicks of a button and find the best coverage for you, at the lowest price possible.

Only get what you need –When choosing your travel insurance, be sure to only get the coverage that you need. If you know that you are traveling without any checked baggage, you may not need to opt for baggage protection. And if you are driving instead of flying, then you may be able to forgo trip cancellation/interruption. However, you do not want to be caught with not enough insurance, so it is important to think critically about your trip.

Get an annual plan –If you travel often, then an annual or multi-trip travel insurance plan may be a good fit for you. Instead of needing to apply and purchase a new policy every time you leave your province, you are coverage for a full 365 days under one initial policy. If you know you will be traveling several times throughout the year, the annual plan will save you time and money.

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