If someone breaks into my car at home, how is the loss covered?

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on September 22nd, 2017

When you come home from work, park your car in the driveway, and settle on the couch to binge on your favorite Netflix show, the last thought on your mind is your car being broken into. Parking on your property is supposed to be safe. Unfortunately, car break-ins are not that uncommon. If someone does break into your vehicle, the cost of either stolen possessions or vandalism repairs should be covered under your auto and home insurance policies.

The first step is to assess if the cost of any damage or theft from the break-in would be worth submitting a claim. If the amount of damage or loss is less than the cost of your deductible, you may want to reconsider putting in a claim. If the loss is substantial and you decide to go through with the claims process, there are two avenues you can take, depending on the damage.

Vandalism to the vehicle

If those who broke into your vehicle cause any damage to it, or an attached device, such as a high-end stereo system for example, then you are able to go through your auto insurance provider to put forth a claim. The claim would fall under your comprehensive coverage, so it will not affect your premiums negatively, or cause the cost of your insurance to go up. However, you do need to have comprehensive coverage as part of your auto insurance plan, something that not all people consider worth having, especially if they drive an older car. Be sure to speak to your broker and ensure that you have the proper coverage to cover a claim such as this.

Personal goods stolen

Unfortunately there is no coverage under an auto policy for stolen personal belongings, but in the event that personal items are stolen during the break-in, you can put forth a claim through your property insurance provider. You will be able to cover the cost of the stolen goods as long as you have coverage under a tenants, condo, or home insurance policy.

Putting forth a claim for both

If someone breaks into your vehicle, vandalizes it, takes your stereo system, steals your bag containing your laptop, and other valuables, you are able to put forth a claim for both losses. If you have your home and auto insurance bundled with the same provider, putting forth a claim for both should be relativity easy. Be sure to keep in mind that putting forth a claim for both, only makes since if the cost is more than the cost of your home and auto deductibles.

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