Spring cleaning in January makes sense

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on January 14th, 2019


We’ve always wondered why people wait to do their deep cleaning in the spring.

That’s when the weather is beautiful and you want to get outside to soak up all that sun we’ve been craving for months. So why put it off? There’s so much you can get done now after the last of the holidays is finely put away for one more year. (And yes, it’s really time to take down the Christmas lights.)

After indulging in those holiday goodies it will also do you a world of good to get moving. But don’t get overwhelmed. The secret to getting things done is small steps.

  1. TACKLE ONE ROOM AT A TIME: Put on a high-energy play list. One weekend it will be the living room. The next may be the kitchen and so on. Bottom line? Now is the time to remove what’s not being used and store things in their rightful place. Banish the dust bunnies by moving the furniture when you vacuum and disinfect surfaces. It’s OK if it takes you more than one weekend to finish a room. Don’t move on to the next one until everything is done.
  2. DECLUTTER – Do things fall out when you open the closet? Are your bookshelves overflowing? A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in the past year, you probably don’t need it. Remember those boxes that haven’t been opened since you moved four years ago? You probably don’t need what’s inside of those either. Just sayin’.
  3. LET CALM DESCEND ON THE KITCHEN– One of the busiest rooms in the house needs to be the most organized. Make use of shelves inside your cupboards that double your space. Many stores now carry a host of products that will help make that job easier. Keep only what you really need on the countertop. The same can be said for the bathroom.
  4. PURGE PAPERWORK – These wintry days are the perfect time to clean up your personal files. Shred those old documents and make sure all your personal information is current. That includes: insurance and banking documents, financial files and anything else that’s important enough to keep. Even better, scan and keep things organized in folders on your computer. It’s time we stop killing trees!
  5. MAKE USE OF DOWN TIME – Have baskets full of stuff? Has your junk drawer multiplied? When you hunker down for the evening, grab a drawer or basket and sort through it while you get a guilt-free dose of Netflix. Get your receipts tax-ready, tame your Tupperware, digitize your CD collection. Before you know it, it’s done.
  6. REFRESH LINENS, BLANKETS AND DRAPES – Give them all a wash or, if necessary, a dry clean. You’ll be amazed at how much dust they hold and how fresh your home will smell!
  7. DONATE, DONATE, DONATE - Feel good about yourself and pay it forward by passing along something you don’t need anymore to someone or an organization that could really use it. Old blankets, clothing in good condition and housewares could help make someone’s day. If you donate valuables covered by an insurance rider, be sure to contact your insurance company or broker to update your policy.
  8. GET SOME HOUSEPLANTS– It will help keep the air you breathe inside cleaner and you won’t have to do a thing but water once a week. Plus, they look nice.

Now, with everything in order on the inside you’ll be able to get outside and enjoy the sun in the spring. Window cleaning anyone?


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