5 benefits of registering for an auto insurance app

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on November 21st, 2017

As we've discussed on SmartCoverage before, downloading an auto insurer's app can be hugely beneficial to drivers. So much so that when an insurer doesn't offer one, it might be worthwhile just to go ahead and switch to another company altogether.

Why? Because if you don't have an insurance app, you're missing out on some benefits that could make your life easier, both in the event of a claim and in general.

Let's run through them.

1. Easily submit a claim

A lot of people have been conditioned to detest customer service phone calls. It's almost a rite of passage in our society to phone into a company hotline and be treated to a half an hour of annoying waiting music before getting the chance to speak with a representative—who may not even be able to help.

Thus, when it comes to the prospect of making an auto insurance claim, many drivers aren't exactly jazzed to be calling their insurers. But if they have an app, they probably won't have to. Pretty much every auto insurance app gives policyholders the option to submit their claims online. It's certainly a nice luxury to have.

2. Make quick policy changes

In the same vein as the previous benefit, insurance apps make it easy for drivers to make minor changes to their policies, without having to come into an office or make the dreaded phone call. Whether it's a billing change, something to do with driving/vehicle specifics, notifying the company of a new driver on the plan, or anything else that might need adjusting, that can be done via the app. No hassle, just a quick electronic entry.

3. Analyze your driving habits

This will be more pleasant for some than for others, but there's no question that it's a beneficial exercise. Thanks to advanced telematics technologies, apps can make detailed and accurate assessments of our driving habits. Just by having these types of apps on your phone, you can instantly pull up data that represents your performance on the roads.

As anyone who's ever watched film of themselves playing a sport or performing a scene will know full well, you can't truly gauge what certain aspects of a live presentation were like until you see them played back to you. Even if you think you stop properly at intersections or stick to the right speeds at all time, the app may prove you dead wrong. Knowledge can hurt, but it's better than ignorance.

4. Get a discount on your insurance

If the knowledge of discovering/fixing your road safety flaws—or perhaps confirming your flawlessness—isn't enough of an incentive for you to buy into telematics-driven apps, then you're in luck: you can also save money by doing so! If you can demonstrate great driving habits and have an insurer-sponsored telematics app, then you can probably save up to 25 per cent on your overall premium.

You might also be reading this and thinking, "Wait, what if I sign up for one of these apps and don't perform very well? Wouldn't that mean I end up losing money on insurance?!?!" Luckily that's not the case. At least at this point in time, most companies that offer any sort of telematics-based discount won't fault you for bad performance; they'll just reward you for good performance. So it's a win-draw situation!

5. Quick car price comparisons

Thinking of getting a new car but unsure of how it will affect your insurance? Don't worry; apps take care of that. One cool feature that most insurance apps offer is a price checker that compares different vehicles and tells you how much it would cost to insure them. It's quick, easy, and saves you the trouble of filling out a more comprehensive quote form or getting in touch with brokers.

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