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Chieftain Insurance


Chieftain is a subsidiary of Travelers Insurance. It was created to serve clients that have basic insurance needs, but have no interest in the bells and whistles. Its policies encompass auto and property, and come as standardized packages built to meet the most common needs at a competitive price.

The insurance services offered by Chieftain are available only to residents of Ontario. Canadians in other provinces and territories have the option of working with Travelers Insurance instead.

As a subsidiary of Travelers Insurance, Chieftain has a concentrated focus, both geographically and operationally. Its philosophy is to offer basic home and auto policies that meet basic coverage requirements. If you’re needs are a little more complex, Chieftain probably isn’t the right insurance provider for you.

What does Chieftain cover?

Adhering to its commitment to simplicity, Chieftain employs policies that make insurance as easy as possible for policyholders. Features include continuous protection, which means your policy is renewed in perpetuity unless you take action to cancel, a rated monthly clause that makes your premiums flexible on a month-to-month basis, and the availability of a wide variety of payment methods.

In terms of policies, Chieftain sticks to standard forms of individual coverage, including:

Ways to save with Chieftain

As a bare-bones insurance provider, Chieftain is founded on the principal of saving their clients money. The philosophy behind the brand is to get people the coverage they need at a low price. Clients that want to maximize coverage, or have uncommon requirements, are better off going with Travelers insurance. But if you want enough auto insurance to legally drive your car, or enough home insurance to be able to get a mortgage, Chieftain is a good option.

Chieftain gives clients the opportunity to save with its “rated monthly” concept. Rather than holding flat for the duration of the policy, premiums fluctuate on a monthly basis, depending on changes to your status. For example, if you stretch your safe driving record to six straight years, you might earn a discount that will take effect immediately, rather than kick in at the end of the year.