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Our Top FAQ

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Yes. Insurance companies look at how many claims are filed per postal code and set rates according to whether you are living in an area with more claims or fewer claims. So, yes it is about location, location, location! Based on what we consider high to low risk.

Yes. By increasing your deductible you assume more of the risk and as such, your overall premium will be lower. There are deductible options as low as $250 and as high as $5,000.

The easiest way is to take advantage of every discount you are eligible for. Combining your auto and home insurance and collecting your claims-free discount are likely your best bets.

Below is a list of discounts most insurance companies offer.


  • Multi-vehicle discount (Having more than one vehicle on a policy)
  • Winter tire discounts
  • Good student discount
  • Graduated licensing discount (Auto only)
  • Driver training discount (Auto)


  • Non-smokers discount (home insurance only)
  • Mature homeowner discount which usually applies over the age of 50

If the house needs to be rebuilt and the claim is covered, the insurance company promises to rebuild your home even if the cost associated with doing so exceeds the coverage limits of your policy. At HUB SmartCoverage, it is part of every policy we offer at no additional cost to the homeowner.

Every insurance policy is unique to your needs. If you have concerns about the level of coverage your policy offers, call the HUB SmartCoverage team at 1-888-881-8045. We can advise you on the recommended coverage for your needs.

Yes. All licensed drivers need to be added to the policy. However, there are a few exceptions an insurance company will accept, including if the drivers are unrelated and the other licensed drivers have their own insurance and own vehicle.

All insurance policies are different. However, most insurance policies would cover sudden and accidental water damage as long as the source of the water was from inside your home. To cover water damage from outside of your home you need to purchase extra coverage, mainly sewer back-up and overland coverage. At HUB SmartCoverage, we’ll walk you through the whole process. Call us at 1-888-881-8045.

Accidents are rated differently by different insurance companies. However, most insurance companies will rate an at-fault accident for nine years. Convictions usually stay on your record for three years unless they are criminal convictions like drunk driving which would stay on your record for six years.

This is something we strongly recommend for all new car owners. In the event of a claim on that beautiful new car, the insurance company will pay out the full cost you purchased the vehicle for instead of the depreciated amount.

Don’t stress about making a claim without being informed. HUB SmartCoverage’s licensed brokers can walk you through your deductible and coverage options worry-free. We are here to represent you and provide you with advice on how a claim may or may not affect your insurance’s bottom line. Call the HUB SmartCoverage team 1-888-881-8045.

Cancellations may cost you if you cancel outside of your renewal period. However, the fee cannot be more than one month of your premium. The process is simple, but you need to ensure you have another insurance policy in place before the cancellation takes place.