Quebec and Ontario to Receive $4M From Red Cross

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on May 18th, 2017


Record levels of precipitation in April, followed by an intense deluge in early May, led to flooding across the eastern half of Canada. Quebec was the most severely impacted province, with 3,882 homes reported to have been damaged as of May 9.


In response to the losses suffered by homeowners, the Red Cross has raised $4M, according to a report by


“Thanks to the generosity of Canadians, partners and businesses, the Red Cross is able to provide direct financial assistance to flooded or evacuated families,” announced Conrad Sauve, president and CEO of the Canadian Red Cross. “In the weeks to come, the Red Cross will provide recovery assistance for the people most affected by this disaster, based on their needs.”


So what will that direct financial assistance look like? Here’s the breakdown, as described by CBC:


  • Ontario residents will receive roughly $1M for the collective assistance of 1,600 affected homes
  • Quebec residents will receive roughly $3M for the collective assistance of 5,200 affected homes
  • Each single residence that is eligible for assistance will receive $600


While the charitable outreach extended by the Red Cross will certainly be welcomed be affected homeowners, $600 will fall well short of the maintenance fees needed to rebuild the more severely impacted dwellings. The funding provided is being classified as “Emergency cash,” rather than a compensatory fund. Further compensation will come from the Liberal government of Quebec, with residents receiving a maximum of $200,000.


Insurance providers will add another layer of financial recompense for those with flood coverage. While policies lacking this particular form of coverage do not carry direct protection, many policyholders will be eligible to file a claim.

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