Survey Shows Drivers Care About the Environmental Impact of Driving

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on May 15th, 2017

The daily commute is the most environmentally damaging action most Canadians take in a given day. Especially for those among us that travel a great distance to and from our place of employ.


According to a survey of those responsible for the maintenance of their own vehicle, “87 percent of Canadian motorists feel drivers have a moral obligation to protect the environment....” Some drivers meet this responsibility by carpooling, while others seek alternative modes of transportation, like walking, biking or using public transit.


But for those whom alternative modes of transportation are completely impractical, fuel efficiency is key. In a separate survey conducted by the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (noted in the same press release as the environmental survey; link above), 77 percent of people who were made aware of fuel-saving low resistance tires are willing to purchase a set if the savings on fuel offset the cost of the tires.


The qualifier there is important; people will switch if the cost of an environmentally friendly change does not cost them anything. The survey does not specify the percent of drivers who are willing to switch tires if the change leads to higher costs.


Some insurance companies have sought to mesh environmentalism and savings by offering drivers who own planet friendly vehicles a discount on their policy. You are encouraged to check with your provider to see whether your vehicle qualifies.


Whether the primary motivation behind making your vehicle greener is environmental responsibility or cost savings, your next move might be the same. With features that combine the results, and insurance companies backing changes with reduced premiums, saving the environment and saving your money are becoming more and more intertwined when it comes to driving.


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