Canadian airports expecting record passenger numbers this holiday season

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on December 20th, 2017

It's no secret that the holidays are an absurdly busy time for air travel. This holiday season, however, is shaping up to be the busiest yet for Canadian airports.

That starts with the country's biggest urban areas. According to reports, Toronto's Pearson International Airport is expected to draw in 2.7-million passengers, which represents a 0.8-million increase over last year. Another 50,000-60,000 will be passing through Trudeau International Airport in Montreal.

"We will have a growth this year in passenger traffic for the holiday period and we will welcome our 18-millionth passenger," said Anne-Sophie Hamel, a Trudeau Airport spokeswoman.

Out west it's a similar story. Both Vancouver and Calgary have forecasted record travel seasons.

It's a wonderful development for airlines and all travel-centric companies—assuming everything goes according to plan, that is. Unfortunately, experts are saying that there could be some travel concerns over the coming days.

"In the next seven to eight days, we've got a lot of active weather that could make travel dicey," said Chief Weather Network meteorologist Chris Scott.

However, based on what Scott has said, that activity appears more likely to affect drivers than fliers.

"Not necessarily major snowstorms, but a lot of precipitation that could fall as snow, a bit of freezing rain, over to rain and back again. And when we see that, we know the roads can get messy."

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