Central Toronto community victims of vehicle vandalism

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on February 15th, 2018

Those who live in Toronto’s Cabbagetown area have recently been the victims of car vandals. 43 incidences date back to January 1st of this year, and have included slashed tires, broken windows, and spray-painting.

Jeff Blay, who lives and parks on Wellesley Street, reported that someone slashed his tires not once, but twice. Blay said that his tires were slashed last week, and then again this past Monday, and he isn’t the only one.

"Our neighbours right next to us actually had the exact same thing happen to them last week and this week, same days," he said.

Slashed tires can prove a huge safety risk, which Blay went onto say was a concern as his wife had driven the car both times, not realizing the tires were flattened.

"You know, could've been worse.... she had to pull over the second time on the side of the Gardiner, so obviously busy traffic."

Blay noted that the area is a hot spot for on street parking, as many in the area do not have personal driveways or parking garages, including himself. However, since the incidences have occurred, many people are choosing to find parking in alternative areas.

While those behind the vandalism may not have the cost of damages on their minds, their victims sure do. Blay said the cost of repairs could set them back close to $500.

"It's just weird to think that someone would just be going around doing this with no reason," he said.

To help catch the culprits, police are asking for anyone with information to come forward, and are enlisting the help of those with security cameras in the area

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