Uber enforcing mandatory breaks for drivers

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on February 21st, 2018

Uber is rolling out new rules regarding mandatory breaks for their drivers next week. The new rules, which will be enforced through the ride-hailing app, will force drivers to take a 6-hour break after 12 hours of straight work. When the mandatory 6-hour break kicks in, the app will block the driver from accepting any new fares. To help drivers anticipate when a mandatory break is coming up, the app with give warnings at two hours, one hour, and 30 minutes before they must rest.

Rob Khazzam, Uber Canada's general manager, said that the new break rules are part of an effort to help curb driver drowsiness and make the platform safer for both drivers and their passengers. He also noted they follow in the footsteps of those already put in place by the company in other countries.

Research put forth by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation found that 26% of all injury and fatality crashes could be attributed to driver fatigue. Recorded in 2006, as many as 167,000 Ontario drivers were involved in at least one crash due to fatigue or drowsiness.

"If you're a rider, you don't want to get into a car with a driver who has been driving more then 12 hours," said Khazzam. "But positively on the drivers' side, we continue to give them flexibility."

According to Khazzam, this new rule change should only affect a small number of Canadian Uber drivers, as the vast majority drives less than 15 hours a week. But, it is nonetheless is a provision that Uber wants to put in place to help protect the safety of their drivers and passengers

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