Utility-equipped Sackville forest treehouse could probably use some insurance

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on December 4th, 2017

Companies provide insurance for treehouses all the time. They are typically classified as accessory structures to a home, a la sheds or gazebos. But if an insurer was going to underwrite the mind-blowing treehouse built by Sackville, ON's Alex Thomas, it would probably want to revise that clarification.

Thomas' creation is situated in a tree, but it could very easily be thought of as an ordinary—if, admittedly, extremely rustic—dwelling. The 26-year-old construction worker found a sturdy, secluded tree in the Acadian forest by his home and proceeded to build the penthouse suite of treehouses.

Accessible by two ladders, the treehouse's room is spacious, panelled, furnished, lit, and heated. With a wooden stove and water filtration system installed, Thomas can subside there for long stretches of time and experience a decent level of comfort—including sleeping in a warm bed. He built a deck with an awning overtop, so he can look out onto the splendor of the forest and be somewhat sheltered from the elements. When he craves entertainment, he can take his pick from among the books, musical instruments, and cassettes (played on a walkman powered by the treehouse's solar panels, because of course) he has stored up there.

Given the craftsmanship and effort that went into building this treehouse—even before you marvel at the rigorous work that was done with harnesses and pulleys, you have to acknowledge the fact that the tree wasn't road accessible, meaning that materials had to be lugged out by other means, often by wheelbarrow—it would be a shame to see any sort of claim-worthy damage befall it. Perhaps there's a policy out there for Thomas that could accommodate something so unique and awesome.

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