Virtual claims come to Canada

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on March 1st, 2018

You could soon be making claims virtually thanks to new technology which is set to make the claims process easier and more efficient for customers.

The technology from Snapsheet has expanded its North American presence by partnering with  property and casualty insurance group Aviva Canada.

Snapsheet, which launched in Chicago in 2014, allows users to take their own photographs of the damage they are claiming for and submit it through the carrier’s branded app. For Canadians, the collaboration with Aviva will see this technology offered on the insurer’s branded app AvivaExpress.

Back at base, Snapsheet’s team inspects and processed the damage based on the photographs in order to estimate a repair time. The customer then receives payment from their insurance carrier, and is able to take their car to a mechanic of their choice.

"We believe the claims process should be simple. While most carriers recognize this as well, few have access to the technology to make it possible," said Brad Weisberg, Snapsheet's CEO and founder.

According to the 2017 Future of Claims Study by LexisNexis only 38% of insurer’s currently use a virtual claims process, yet 100% expressed interest in adopting this technology in the next five years.

During its pilot program, 93% of Aviva customers chose to opt in and use the virtual claims platform, enabling Aviva customers to settle claims 20% to 40% faster than with traditional channels.

"With Snapsheet's great track record in the U.S., we're proud to work with them and offer a transformative experience to our Canadian customers," said Lynn Anderson, Aviva Canada's Interim Chief Claims Officer.

"The results from our pilot program showed an immense improvement to our customers' claims journey. The time it takes for an estimate to be completed is significantly reduced, helping defy uncertainty for our customers."

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