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Pembridge and Pafco Insurance Company

Pembridge and Pafco are two closely aligned subsidiaries of Allstate Canada. Though they operate with separate names and logos, the insurers offer similar policies.

Of the two insurers, Pafco is the elder, with its existence stretching back over 25 years. It is currently based out of Markham, Ontario, and serves clients in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Alberta, and makes exceptions for snowbirds living in the United States part-time.

Established in 1999, Pembridge now does business in the same domain and range as Pafco. It even runs out of the same office and suite as Pafco, though each maintain different phone numbers. The companies also have an Atlantic office in Bedford, Nova Scotia, and a Quebec office in Anjou.

Both Pafco and Pembridge offer their services through independent brokers. Clients search for these brokers through a look-up tool that can be found on either website, or go straight to the broker’s own websites. Once the desired broker has been found, the client can obtain a personalized quote.

What does Pembridge and Pafco cover?

Both companies make getting coverage simple for the client. In addition to offering an easy-to-use broker search tool, they have 24/7 customer support available through the regional toll free Promise Line, a convenient and safe online payment option, and important information for a variety of scenarios that can be found under their Consumer Resources sections of their respective websites.

What many clients appreciate about Pembridge and Pafco is their large variety of product offerings and, especially in Pafco's case, a willingness to insure drivers who may not qualify for coverage from other insurers.

Areas of coverage are essentially the only thing differentiating Pembridge and Pafco.

Here is what Pafco covers:

Here is what Pembridge covers:

Ways to save with Pembridge and Pafco

Despite the differences in coverage options, Pembridge and Pafco offer the same discount opportunities, which are highly lucrative for the right type of driver. The discount is related to My_BRIDGE, a technology solution that utilizes a telematics device to track driving behaviour. It keeps tabs on both how much a vehicle is used and how safely it is being operated.

Based on performance, My_BRIDGE could save a driver up to 30 percent on auto insurance. The technology is free, and clients can get up to 15 percent off just for signing up and downloading the corresponding app. Plus, premiums won’t go up if the results are not positive, so there's no downside to using the app.