12 ways to save money on purchases throughout the year

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on November 15th, 2016

Scoring deals and saving money isn’t just luck of the draw. There is often a reason behind sales. Use our month-by-month guide to learn the best months to score items for you and your house. 


January:You’re not the only one with a New Year’s resolution. Because so many people aim to get in shape at the beginning of the year, retailers are quick to mark down prices of exercise equipment and gear to encourage consumers to buy from them rather than a gym membership to reach their fitness goals.


February:Every year in January, the Consumer Electronics Show is held in Las Vegas to showcase the latest in everyday home equipment and gadgets. In February, these products start rolling out to the masses. Things like TVs, cameras and DVD players go on sale during this time to make room for new inventory.


March:Luggage deals tend to gain momentum every March thanks to spring break and people looking to escape the last few weeks of cold weather. 


April:Many of the most popular laptop brands are manufactured in Japan. Japan’s fiscal year ends in March. What’s this mean for you? Savings! Their new fiscal year means the announcement of new products that stores have to make room for.


May:The mid-year sales are in full swing and one of the best things to purchase may surprise you - a new mattress! Blame it on the spring cleaning bug and the surge of sales for the May long weekend, but mattress liquidation is always popular during this time.


June: Father’s Day deals usually means savings on tools and home improvement equipment are at an all-time high. Even if it’s not a gift for dad, take advantage of the great discounts.


July:Although it seems like summer is just heating up, by July many companies are already thinking of the next season. Patio furniture starts to get drastically discounted beginning in July.


August:Towels and linens aren’t the most exciting things to buy, but a necessity. So why not save as much as you can? With many university and college students getting ready to move into their dorm rooms, retailers take advantage of this and offer sales on these items.


September:With wedding season slowing down, stores have to make up for the dip in sales somehow. Items that are traditionally part of bridal registration, such as kitchen appliances, get marked down.


October:If you’ve been putting off getting that new vehicle because of cost - the wait is over! Traditionally by October thousands of vehicles sporting the new model year have been moved onto the lots, giving you a chance for big savings on last year’s models.


November:Large stores begin to battle it out for your holiday business in November so it makes sense that this is a great time to buy some of the most popular items such as TVs.


December:You’ve spent the last 11 months buying stuff for your house, now treat yourself. December is the best month for sales on champagne in anticipation of New Year’s Eve. It’s also the best time to stock up on bubbly for any major events you may have in the next few months. 


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