5 anti-theft devices that could lower your auto insurance cost

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on January 26th, 2018

Car theft costs Canadians on average around $1 billion per year, with insurers paying out $542 million to fix or replace stolen vehicles, according to research by the Insurance Bureau of Canada. So it comes as no surprise that insurers are keen to reward customers for any steps they take towards protecting their cars from criminal hands.

We’ve decided to help you out and compiled this list of five handy steps you can take to snag yourself a discount on your auto insurance:


Most cars made since 2007 come with these automatically installed, however, immobilisers can also be purchased and installed separately, but ensure that they meet the standards set out by the National Standards of Canada.

Immobilizers prevent the vehicle from starting by disabling the starter motor, the ignition switch and the fuel pump. They are considered one of the most effective deterrents and are rated highly by most insurers.

Satellite tracking device

These nifty devices, or pre-installed systems on more up to date cars, use GPS to track the location of a stolen vehicle.  Should your car go missing, you can keep eyes on its whereabouts with the use of an app or online feature, depending on the device you use.

Electronic alarm

Sure, they can be annoying when someone walks too close to your car and accidentally sets your alarm off at 2.00am, but alarms also act as a massive deterrent to potential thieves.

Activated most often when someone touches your car, some are super sensitive, so just one step too close could be enough to scare someone away.

Engraved vehicle identification number (VIN)

VIN etching allows individual vehicles to be identified with a serial number, which appears on a cars registration document and will enable it to be tracked throughout every stage of its existence.

By branding different areas on the car, these work as excellent deterrents to thieves looking for parts to sell, and can also assist police in the recovery of a stolen car.

Locking device

Last, but not least, one of the most famous anti-theft devices comes in the form of the steering wheel lock. You know the one, the big metal bar you’ve seen people attaching to their wheels before exiting their car.

While they are physically effective, they also act as a visual deterrent.

They’ve come a long way since they were originally invented in 1986, and have since become a lot sleeker, with some car manufacturers even using modern technology to build them in as a feature of the car.

Each insurance provider will take into account different safety features and offer different discounts, so why not use our comparison tool to see what discounts you qualify for.  

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