Can I keep my auto insurance if I move provinces?

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on December 13th, 2017

Unlike with home insurance, you do not have to cancel your auto insurance policy all together when moving to another province (unless of course your provider does not offer coverage in your indented province). In most cases you can keep your current auto policy, but there will need to be some changes made, which will likely affect the cost of your premiums. Here are the steps you need to take, regarding your auto insurance policy, when moving to another province and how it will affect your coverage and premiums.

First steps

When you move it is imperative that you still have proper coverage on your vehicle. The first step to ensuring that you’re vehicle has sufficient coverage, is to speak with your insurance broker, and let them know about your move. Your broker will be able to tell you if they offer coverage for your new province, and then explain to you how your new province will affect the cost of your premiums. Some provinces may have different rules and regulations surrounding auto insurance so your broker will be able to explain them to you and adjust your coverage accordingly.

How your premiums and coverage may be affected

As mentioned above, your new province may have different coverage requirements than that of your previous province, and this in turn may have an impact on your coverage and premiums. You may need to add on certain coverage options to your existing policy, or you may have the ability to remove some base off of your new province’s insurance regulations.

Just like how different vehicle models impact the cost of your insurance so does the province you reside in. There are some provinces, like Ontario, which have notoriously high premiums, and then there are others, like Quebec that can amount to roughly half the cost. So depending on the province, you are moving to, especially if you are moving out of Ontario, you can experience a significant drop in your premium prices.

Government-run auto insurance

If the province you are moving to is British Columbia, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba, you may have no choice but to abandon the bulk of your current auto insurance policy. These provinces listed all require drivers to obtain government-run auto insurance in order to legally drive in the province. However, you are still able to rely on your pre-existing private insurer for auto insurance add-ons and additional coverage.

Here are the avenues you need to take if you are moving to one of the three listed provinces.

  • British Columbia - Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
  • Manitoba - Manitoba Public Insurance
  • Saskatchewan - Saskatchewan Government Insurance (also known as the Saskatchewan Auto Fund)

Shopping around is key

Even if you are thinking of staying with your current auto insurance provider, it is worth it to do some shopping around. As mentioned earlier in this article, coverage regulations can vary from province to province; so one provider may be better equipped to handle your policy than another. You also may find that some providers have better prices than others. Ontario is notoriously expensive for auto insurance, so if you are moving out of the province, you are more than likely going to experience less expensive premiums.

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