Questions to ask before renewing your insurance policy

By HUB SmartCoverage Team on August 16th, 2017

The act of auto-renewing your policy may not be in your best interests. A benefit of opting out of auto-renewals is that the time of your policy renewal is the perfect opportunity to speak to with your insurance broker and make sure that your insurance needs are being met. Before renewing your policy, be sure that you are getting the best possible coverage for your needs. One of the best ways to do this is to ask all the questions you can think of pertaining to your policy, your provider, and your needs.



No matter what kind of policy you are renewing, these question can help you determine if renewing your policy with your current provider is in your best interests.


  • Ask what discounts are available to you. There could be a number of discounts you may be privy to, and the best way to know what they are is to ask.
  • Take a look back at the past year and ask yourself, have I been genuinely happy with the service I have received?
  • Be sure to inquire if there is anything that you can do to lower your premiums.
  • Ask your insurer how your premiums may be affected if you had to put forth a claim within the past year.
  • How much of a difference in cost would changing your deductible be, and is it worth it?



When you are renewing a home insurance policy, think of anything that may have happened or been done to your home that may affect your renewal. Here are some questions to keep in mind while deciding if you want to renew your home insurance policy.


  • If you have installed a pool in the past year, be sure to ask how that will affect your premiums.
  • Review if there are any changes to your premiums in light of any recent renovations made to your house.
  • Take this opportunity to take inventory of your belonging and determine if you have procured any items over the past year that should be covered under your home insurance policy.
  • Does your liability limit still match the level of risk that is posed to those visiting your home?
  • Does your coverage need to be altered to reflect a new at-home business?



If you are renewing your auto insurance policy, be mindful about the state of your vehicle, the behaviors of those driving it, and how they could affect the costs associated with your auto insurance policy. These questions should help determine whether you are getting the most out of your policy.


  • See if any changes in your driving habits over the last year have affected your policy.
  • Consider whether or not it still worth it to pay for collision or comprehensive coverage based of the current value of your car.
  • If you think you may be taking a road trip out of the country in the incoming year, inquire whether your not your auto insurance works while driving in the US.
  • Is your policy updated with current information about your car and driving record?
  • Speak up and ask whether there are any discounts for have a safe driving record (especially if you have a good track record going back several years).


If you have decided that you are no longer happy with your current coverage after reviewing your policies, it may be time to start shopping around for another provider.

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