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Economical Insurance


Economical Insurance is a proudly Canadian company founded back in 1871. The organization came together when the little town of Berlin (now Kitchener), Ontario, sought to help their neighbours in times of hardship and disaster.

With its headquarters now situated in Waterloo, Ontario, Economical Insurance provides property and casualty insurance for individuals across the country.

Originally, Economical Insurance was named Economical Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Berlin, and espoused a philosophy of neighbours helping neighbours. While the name has changed slightly, Economical Insurance still holds true to its original ideals, helping those across Canada in their time of need.

With a high customer satisfaction post-claim rating, and accolades like the “P&C Insurer of the Year” for 2016, Economical Insurance’s main focus is ensuring their customers get the best possible service.

The company’s approach is best summed up by their mottos: “We focus on customers first,” “We bring our best,” and “We’re stronger together.”

What does Economical Insurance cover?

Economical Insurance offers coverage for myriad insurance needs.

Ways to save with Economical Insurance

Clients are able to save money on their home insurance by maintaining claims or mortgage free status, or by installing specific home security and fire alarms.

Economical Insurance offers a number of discounts on auto insurance, including price reductions for experienced drivers, as well as for those with extra safety and anti-theft features. If you are a driver with a not so perfect driving record, Economical Insurance offers special insurance at competitive rates through their Perth Insurance division.

In addition to the specific home and auto discounts you can receive with Economical Insurance, customers can also save money by bundling their insurance policies together. Applicable discounts are also offered to eligible customers at the time of their renewal.